How to change the password of your account (Personal Account)

To change the account password, click to the 'Profile' - 'Settings'. In the 'Settings' of the account, you can easily change the current password to a new one, for this you need:

1. In the tab 'Settings' in the 'Account Settings' in the lower right corner, click on 'Change Password'

2. After clicking on 'Change Password', the system will automatically send you a confirmation code by email.


3. Check your email, the verification code will be specified in the email, which you need to enter in the corresponding window on the account page. Then enter the new Password twice and click 'Change'

4. After successfully changing the password, a notification about the successful password change from the account will be sent to your email

Password: Min 6 characters, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 upper-case, at least 1 non-letter