How to use the White list function of the address for withdrawal

The 'Whitelist' option allows you to limit the list of wallets to which you can withdraw your funds. As each change requires confirmation by two-factor authentication, this option can protect you in special cases of unauthorized access. Simply enable the 'Whitelist' option in the 'Profile' tab.

To enable the 'Whitelist' option, you need:

1. Log in to your UNI Stex account

In your Personal Account, go to the 'Profile' tab and select 'Address Whitelist'

To activate the Whitelist option, you must enable two-factor authentication. How to enable two-factor authentication.

2. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, click on 'Add Withdrawal Address' in the upper-right corner

3. In the tab that appears, select the abbreviation/full name or select the cryptocurrency / coin of the wallet for the withdrawal that you plan to add

4. Enter the code that was sent to you by email and click 'Continue'

5. The added wallet address for withdrawing funds will be selected from your