The Wallet page

In your personal account in the tab 'Wallet' You can view the balance of your wallets, deposit / withdraw funds from your wallet, as well as add additional types of wallets to your account:

In your Personal Account, go to the Wallet tab and click on'+'

In the tab that appears, select the wallet currency you are interested in, it can be: Fiat Money, Stable coins, Coins.

Select the wallet currency you are interested in and click on it

The wallet currency you selected will be displayed in your wallet

* Fiat is a currency that is not backed by gold and other precious metals. The nominal value of fiat money is established and guaranteed by its issuer-the government and is chosen regardless of the cost of the material used for its manufacture.

* Stablecoin is a type of digital money that has a fixed exchange rate that can vary within 1% in each of the parties. The stablecoin rate can be tied to the value of various assets, the value of which does not change much under the influence of external factors – dollars, gold, oil. Although, probably, the cost of oil changes a lot))

* Coin is a type of virtual money that is created directly in a computer network, and is a digital expression of value that can be traded in digital form and which functions as a means of exchange; and/or a monetary unit of account; and/or a means of storing value, but does not have the status of a legal tender in any jurisdiction.