How to configure the Trading Platform interface

When opening the UNI Stex Trading Platform, the default interface is available, however, the interface of the trading platform can be configured for the clients of the UNI Stex trading platform at their own discretion, let's look at an example of how to configure the interface of the trading platform:

To add a widget, in the Trading Platform tab on the control panel '1', click on the double rectangle icon and click'+'

You will have a new empty trading platform interface that you can create yourself.

If you close the widget in the default interface, then when you reopen the default interface, the closed widgets will not be displayed. You will need to re-add the widget you are interested in

In the UNI Stex personal account in the Trading Platform section, 12 interface elements (widgets) are available to the Client, which are divided into three groups:

1. Exchange

2. Trading Information

3. Orders

To add the widget you are interested in, go to your interface and then click'+'

In the window that opens, select the widget you are interested in

In this example, we will add the 'Trading view' widget

By pressing and holding the left mouse button, you can move the widget to any part of the screen, you can also increase or decrease the size of the widget window.

To add an additional widget tab in the window that appears, click'+'

Next, we add the widgets we are interested in and place them on the screen of the trading platform at our discretion.

You can place all the open widget windows in any accessible part of the trading platform screen