How to verify an account?

Each verified level assumes:

- unlocking the main functions of the exchange, including financial withdrawal and deposits;

- increasing the limits for withdrawal of funds;

- an increase in the number of available methods of deposits and withdrawals.

You can verify your account in stages.

Please note: to go to the next level, you must have successfully verified the previous level.

In order to start the account verification procedure, open the UNI Stex website and log in to your account (How to log in to your account), then select 'Profile - Verification'.

The next step will be the entering of data for the verification of your account:

1. First level - Basic. It takes place at the stage of registering an account. (How to register an account)

2. Second level - Silver.

To upgrade to Silver level:

- Read user agreement and agree to the processing of personal data;

- Enter basic information about yourself (full name, date of birth, country, address)

Please note: registration address is indicated according to the registration indicated in the passport data.


After successful verification of your data, your account verification level will change to Gold

The benefit of the Silver level: Access to the deposit / withdraw of cryptocurrency funds will open and you can start trading

3. Third Level: Gold

To switch to the Gold level, you need:

- Verify the Silver level;

- Fill in the lines for the identity card;


- Download a photo of your document (passport, driver's license, ID card, residence permit);

- Download a photo (selfie) with a document confirming your identity. 


Please note: The photo should be bright and clear, turning your head directly to the camera.

In rare cases, when a user's selfie does not match the provided identity documents, it is necessary to provide additional documents and wait for the results of the verification in manual mode. UNI Stex has the right to request additional documents for verification. 

The benefit of the Gold level: access to the deposit / withdraw of fiat currencies.

4. Fourth Level: Platinum

To switch to the Platinum level, you need to:

- Verify the Gold level;

- Add a document confirming the origin of the funds, it can be:

- A document that reflects the official salary;

- Rent

- Investments

- Another



- Unlimited replenishment of the account with fiat currencies

- Unlimited replenishment of the account in crypto currency

- Trade without restrictions.

If you pass the conditions, all the ticks will turn green and verification is over.


If the documents have not passed verification, the system will send a refusal to your email with clarifications about which documents need to be corrected and re-sent for verification.

At any stage of identity verification, you can upload documents via your phone by clicking on 'Continue on your phone'