How to withdraw money from a cryptocurrency wallet (Coin)

1. Log in to your UNI Stex account

In your Personal Account, go to the 'Funds' tab and select 'Withdrawal'

Select the wallet (Coin) from which you plan to withdraw funds. In this example, we will output BTC

2. Specify the transfer amount, wallet address, transfer comment and click 'Proceed'

3. Enter the code that was sent to you by email and click 'Confirm'

4. After you click Сonfirm, you will have a withdrawal request created.

You can view the history of operations, as well as the status of the application for depositing and withdrawing funds, in the 'History' tab

Please note!

* UNI Stex does not levy a commission for transferring funds to a cryptocurrency account, all blockchain commissions are paid by the client.

* Withdrawal from a wallet in UNI Sex is a transfer of funds to another platform or wallet.

* If you decide to withdraw BTC, make sure that you transfer BTC to the appropriate platform. Any coins, other than BTC, transferred from the BTC address by mistake, are very likely to be lost and cannot be returned.