The Bitcoin rally triggered the growth of three altcoins

The Bitcoin rally triggered the growth of three altcoins 07.09.2021
Bitcoin as the leader of the cryptocurrency market, in the event of a rise or fall in the exchange rate, entails a change in the exchange rate of "old" coins. Recently, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar confirmed this rule.

Litecoin is partially created using the bitcoin protocol, and it is called the "silver" of the cryptocurrency world. The growth of bitcoin to $ 52,000 provoked the growth of litecoin from up to$ 233 on September 6, although it fell to$210 on September 7.

On September 30, Litecoin introduced the promising MimbleWimble protocol, which will increase the interchangeability of tokens and the scalability of the network.

Stellar (XLR), created by Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb, grew by 29% on September 6 and at the moment its rate is $ 0.42.

And, of course, the most successful bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Cash, grew by 30% from$ 617 to$ 806 on September 6. This has formed the so-called bullish trend model in the market as a "cup with a handle", which indicates that the rate is likely to continue to grow.

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